For maximum effectiveness and protection of your company’s bottom line, ChemQuest will design, initiate, and manage a comprehensive drug free program. ChemQuest programs are tailored to reflect the philosophy of your corporate culture and meet the individual needs of your company’s structure, while upholding all relevant statues and mandates.

Policy development is a crucial element and a complex task

A clear, well-written policy, one that reflects your company’s commitment to a safe, healthy environment, is critical to an effective drug free program. In addition to meeting legal and technical requirements, the policy must inform employees of the program; detail its safeguards for confidentiality, and explain the consequences of detection.

Supervisory training promotes participation

Supervisors who understand your policy and are thoroughly versed in program components will be your partners in promoting a drug free workplace. ChemQuest professionals present supervisory training at your company’s location to answer questions and address such issues as the impact of substance abuse in the workplace, problem recognition, the reasonable suspicion process, and the roles of the Employee Assistance and Substance Abuse Professionals.

Employee education is the best prevention

ChemQuest provides on-site education sessions designed to make certain that employees understand the reason for your program, and are completely familiar with your drug free policy, testing procedures, consequences of positivity, and all program components.

Our computers talk to yours. We talk to you

Ongoing data management provide by ChemQuest frees you to go about your business. We provide you with software to implement modem-to-modem communication, thus allowing direct and speedy access to all data related to your drug program. In addition, ChemQuest representatives are available to discuss all cases that needs personal attention. No individual falls through the cracks because we supervise all processes affecting positives and other special situations.

Quick Accountability… Complete Reliability… Personal and Professional Attention. This is the ChemQuest way of working with you.